• Join Women of Agriculture from all over North Carolina

    Female farmers are the fastest growing population owning and operating small farms nationwide. For the past twenty-five years, large traditional farms have been in decline; by contrast, the number of farms run by women has increased almost ninety percent. More than a quarter-million women operate farms in the United States, primarily small farms, and our numbers are increasing. In fact, small-scale farming has become the hallmark of female farmers.

    Today's female farmer is a bit unusual with a different philosophy and approach: holistic, easy on the land and committed to safe and natural growing practices, it is a kinder, gentler method of agricultural production that discards the cloak of traditional farming methods.

    The twenty-first century belongs to women of agriculture, creating a revolution with a female voice to be heard. They are at the forefront of this revolution as innovators creating specialty markets and alternative enterprises. It is artisanal farming, an exciting, new type of agriculture, with a vibrant and fresh integration of art and skill.

    Still, there are many challenges and constraints unique to female farmers that limit their productivity and economic viability, including lack of experience, training and skills; lack of resources and materials; unequal access to credit, few leadership positions in their rural communities and a sense of isolation. Moreover, there is the challenge of age: the average age of a female farmer is in her mid-50s. Thus, there is an urgency to train and support a new crop of women for the next generation of farmers.