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You can make a difference for future generations of women of agriculture all across North Carolina. We rely tremendously on individual donations and seek those who want to support and invest in our goals and educational programs.

Please help us launch and expand our outreach and learning opportunities for women of agriculture in North Carolina.

NC WOLAN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and every contribution is tax deductible.

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TGIF for Female Farmers

Folks who work the daily grind from 8-5 pm look forward to Friday’s arrival — TGIF! It’s time to hang out, kick back and enjoy family or friends and make plans for the weekend.

But for many of our female farmers, the busiest part of Friday lies ahead of them. By Friday afternoon, they are just getting started: harvesting, packaging and planning late into the evening and rising before dawn to make sure their products are packed and ready for the Saturday morning Farmers’ Markets.

With tired bodies but untiring spirit, they believe in their mission: to offer farm products that are fresh and delicious in a way that is safe and healthy for the land.

NC WOLAN shares that mission and has designated "TGIF for Female Farmers!" where you can donate "Five on Friday" to help support NC Women of the Land (NC WOLAN). Of course, we appreciate any amount of support any time of the week! You can change your donation amount or frequency at any time. Donations are tax deductible and all proceeds go to support the Genesis Farm Educational Foundation and NC WOLAN). Please note that your donation make come out of your account on a different day of the week, depending on when you sign up but the spirit of Five on Friday is the same!

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For women of the land providing communities with fresh and healthy food.

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Without the help of all our supporters, women and men giving their time, money and effort for NC WOLAN, the success of our programs would not be realized.

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity from individual donors and also the Snider Family Charitable Fund for their support in 2012.